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Range of Colours

By understanding and using the power of colour you can bring visual harmony and cohesion to your home. Personal taste and preferences are the most important considerations in choosing a colour scheme for your door. Windridge uses JOTUN powder coating which gives a superior sealed finish and brilliant colours to the product. JOTUN is a versatile epoxy-polyester hybrid powder coating developed to provide attractive decorative finishes combined with protective and functional properties including UV light durability and sustained high temperature resistance. Talk to a Windridge representative to view some JOTUN colour swatches.

Windridge products also uses the popular COLORBOND modern range of 20 designer colours for doors, grilles and panels so they’ll match roofing, walling, spouting, fascias or the existing colour scheme of your home. The COLORBOND range offers a myriad of solutions for simply beautiful homes in any environment. There are plenty of choices so please speak to Windridge or an agent about your options at time of measure-up.