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Fencing Colours

A fence made of COLORBOND steel is a secure, strong and beautiful addition to your home. With so many colour choices and design options, you can come up with a fencing solution that is in perfect harmony with your home and your outdoor living areas. At the same time, you will know your fence is made to last.

Available in a choice of 14 designer colours.
Strong and durable.
Easy to maintain.
Will not rot, burn or be eaten by termites.
Enhances the security of your home and family.
Backed by a 10 year warranty from BlueScope Steel.

METROLL Fencing Systems are designed to meet the needs of every home, with 30 options to select from with a broad range of features and benefits. If it’s a steel fence make sure it’s a METROLL Fence. The METROLL Fencing range offers 5 different profiles – Metline (same both sides, stronger with more ribs); Trimclad (trapezoidal profile, strength); Metfence (same both sides, strong zig-zag); Corro and Mini-Corro (oldstyle, strong posts). Accessories include single and double caps, 40mm lattice tops, gate styles and friezes. METROLL fences are low maintenance, made from COLORBOND steel (warranty applies), environmentally friendly and won’t rot, burn, are termite proof and comply with Australian standards.